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Garage Door Springs Repair

Broken spring? Noisy spring? Urgent or not, assign the garage door springs repair Pickering service to our company. We handled such requests with speed. Springs are such important garage door parts and also, tense that there’s no room for delays when it comes to fixing their problems. And that’s only one reason why you should rely on Garage Door Repair Pickering ON for spring services.

Other reasons? We are experts in extension springs and we are experts in torsion springs. No matter the brand, no matter the garage door type, the spring system is serviced well. On top of that, you can count on our team for any service in Pickering, Ontario – not just broken garage door spring replacement. So, what’s your concern today?

Contact us for any Pickering garage door springs repair

Garage Door Springs Repair PickeringAll Pickering garage door spring repair services are offered quickly. Wouldn’t you want the galvanized spring adjusted without delay? Wouldn’t you like to have some spring noises checked and fixed quickly? No worries. Our company helps quickly – and not only when there’s a need for broken spring replacement. What else can a garage door repair Pickering pro do for your springs?

  •          Second torsion spring installation
  •          Addition of safety cables to extension springs
  •          Spring inspection and lubrication
  •          Replacement of spring parts
  •          Test of garage door balance
  •          Spring and cables repair service

Need broken garage door spring replacement? Make haste in calling us

Broken spring repair services are provided in a quick manner. You never wait to have the broken spring replaced. A tech is dispatched quickly even if the spring hasn’t broken just yet, but it’s old, it’s frayed and chances are high it may break any minute now. Why should you take the chance? Call us and tell us when it’s the best time for a tech to come and replace the spring.

We are experts in both types of garage door springs & all services

Anything from a rather easy torsion spring repair to a complex conversion or the replacement of the extension springs is performed with the appropriate tools. Have absolutely no doubt about that. The service is always carried out by a well-trained tech with years of hands-on experience, with the skills to remove, install, adjust, convert, and fix springs safely and accurately. All the while, the cost is fair. So, don’t let that get in the way of calling our team with your spring troubles. Whatever it is, trust that we handle any garage door springs repair in Pickering in a quick and expert fashion. How can we help today?